Chief prosecutor
Service for International Cooperation and Programs
National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA)
Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice


During the same period of time, more precisely in 2002, the first prosecutor’s office specialized in investigating corruption offences was set up as an independent structure, called the National Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office (PNA).
Currently, the anti-corruption prosecution structure functions as a Department within the Prosecutor’s Office Attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (DNA), yet it still holds many characteristics of autonomy.
DNA is led by the General Prosecutor of Romania through the chief prosecutor of DNA, who is assimilated to the prime deputy of the General Prosecutor of Romania.
DNA’s jurisdiction does not cover the entire category of corruption offences but only those of high and medium level.
The prosecutor’s offices attached to tribunals are still in charge with the rest of corruption offences (the small corruption).
DNA has jurisdiction in the whole state, having a central structure in Bucharest, as well as a territorial one.
The central structure is divided in sections, services and offices.
The territorial structure of DNA is made of 14 territorial services with their offices located in the cities where there are courts of appeal DNA’s activity was constantly followed and appraised by the European institutions in charge with monitoring Romania, and this is to be found in every Report on Progress in Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.

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