Associate Professor
University of Debrecen, Law Faculty


Poaching is a collective term for a series of actions opposing law and morals, and these amalgamate into a specific, standalone notion.
Poaching means more than the simple stealing and destruction of game.
Poaching is a dangerous activity, and by its nature it always implements the possibility of the realization of other, more serious crimes, or other dangerous crimes can connect to it, for example, misuse of firearms, homicide and assault, violence against public officials.
Poaching violates rights of ownership, violates the right of those entitled to wildlife management and hunting, endangers the stock of game, the interests regarding wildlife management and its hunting order, and at the same time, violates public safety.
In certain places of the world, such trans-boundary problems appear together as illegal or excessive fishing, trafficking of drug and people, piracy and terrorist threats.
Terrorist threat, drug trafficking, human trafficking based on migration and other crimes supervised by organized criminal groups are present in Europe as well.
Income is present.

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