Florentina Olimpia MUŢIU, PhD
Associate Professor
West University of Timișoara, Law Faculty


The study takes into consideration the current issues related to trafficking in human beings: dimensions (growing the phenomenon and its consequences), contexts of preventing and combating, involvement of EU and national (Romanian) institutional actors to transpose into practice the requirements of EU policies, EU Strategy and National Strategy (Romanian Strategy) in this matter.
The study aims to analyse relevant aspects regarding: the legal framework for implementation, monitoring and evaluation the measures on preventing of and fighting against human trafficking; the most effective solutions in the fight against trafficking of human beings at the EU level and national level (especially for the case of Romania), highlighting the punishment of offenders and protection/support of victims of human trafficking.
The approach to human trafficking imposes an interdisciplinary research, aimed to reveal the synchronized elements and the deficiencies of measures applied in this matter, in accordance with national criminal legislation, strategies and policies and the effective proposals for improvement the objectives and actions focused on responses to the challenges of human trafficking nowadays.

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