PhD Candidate 
PhD Candidate 
Ligia Valentina MIRIȘAN
PhD Candidate
West University of Timișoara, Law Faculty



One of the fundamental problems in defining the notion of organized crime is, that next to the public opinion, not even a part of the experts, do not make, in a sufficient way, a difference between the essence and the content of organized crime and to this similar phenomenon by taking in account the way these manifest or their shared elements.
As such, confusion is being made between the organized crime notion and the terms of transnational organized crime, international crimes, “white collar” crimes, professional crimes, crimes of abuse of power, political crimes, etc. Even if it could be said that, these terms are in a way similar and that they have some common elements, we are referring to specific phenomenon and terms, that should not be confused.
The present study will present these criminogenic concepts and the resemblances and differences between these and the organized crime phenomena.